As passionate as I am about design, I'm even more passionate about small structures.  The first cottage I designed was on Nantucket Island.  The minute I stepped foot on Nantucket I instantly understood the definition of the word 'charm'. I studied the century old cottages and memorized the details of true divided light windows, addition pop-outs called 'warts', 12/12 pitched roofs with 6" overhangs and shingles, lots of shingles!

I also like details.  Paths from house to potting shed.  Patios with geranium stuffed pots and adirondack chairs.
Beadboard wainscotting and recycled materials given a new life in an urban kitchen.  

In this world, your home is becoming more and more a special refuge.  A place of comfort to replenish you.  Whimsy details to inspire you. Living spaces to create memories.

My job is to get to know you and passions about what you want for your home and then open the door to the fun process of a collaborative design project.